Training Curriculum

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These online courses are optional for all NCC Members and recommended for all Mid-Atlantic REACT Members.

The REACT Training is required to be completed by all REACT Members within the first year of membership.

The FEMA All-Hazards Training is required by REACT Members prior to any emergency activation.

  • REACT Training

    Independent study topics from emergency comms to team management. Successful completion results in a certificate and continuing education units.


    NIMS ICS 100, 200, 700, 800 and Intro to CERT (317a) are minimum suggested courses for REACT members

  • Weather Spotter

    This course is a pre-requisite for NOAA official SKYWARN Spotters, including communication and spotter report criteria.

  • ETA Member Courses

    A $50 membership fee opens opportunities to many free online courses from the Electronics Technician Association.

  • Emergency Comms

    Developed for Amateur radio operators, this is geared towards those starting or refreshing their emergency communication knowledge.

  • WMD / Terrorism

    This course takes an All-Hazards approach to Hazardous Material (HazMat) incidents, including acts of terrorism.

  • Motorola Learning Portal

    We recommend "RF Energy Exposure and Product Safety Compliance". Thirty-five on 120 online radio courses are free.

  • Tait Radio Academy

    The Academy is a free online school providing great content that shares and improves everyones radio knowledge.

GMRS Radio Licensing

Having a GMRS radio license is required for membership in NCC or Mid-Atlantic React.
The FCC requires a GMRS radio license as a way to regulate frequencies that are used by this service. Any radio using the shared FRS/GMRS frequencies that is able to transmit above 2 Watts of power was reclassified as GMRS only after the recent FCC Changes in September 2017.

  • No Test
  • Individuals Only
  • Family Inclusive
  • 10 Years
License Assistance Page

Click the image of the Quick Reference Card for full size download.

National Capitol Communicaitons, LLC

National Capitol Communications founded in 2023 and charterd with REACT International in 2023. Both groups have a mission statement that revolves around assisting communities during times of emergency or disaster. We provide expertise and augment local resources, aiming to accelerate relief efforts and support affected communities. NCC and Mid-Atlantic REACT play a crucial role in emergency communication within the greater Washington DC Metro area. Our services contribute to public safety and facilitate effective communication during critical situations. Our goals for the formative years of the organization are two-fold, to build out the availabity of vital communications systems, specifically GMRS repeater infrastructres and to support Emergency Preparedness for local Hospitals and civic health providers. We will do this by providing alternative communications support during emergency incidents as well as during routine events and activities, while offering these services to those within a 95 mile radius of the National Capitol region.

Member benefits include individual and team training, giving back to the community, feeling a sense of accomplishment, gaining real world experience, connecting with like minded people, volunteering on a flexible schedule, NCC business cards and REACT custom logo merchandise, REACT International's group liability insurance, access to The REACTer magazine, and REACT Membership Rewards including Corporate Perks™ and Working Advantage™ benefits.

There is a ZELLO Talkgroup for all current and former REACT members, with a weekly NET control. There is also a ZELLO WORK Talkgroup for all active members.

Digital Trunking Radio

While not required, we recommend our members purchase a cellular capable GLOBAL-PTT capable radio.
The XL6500 model works on both GMRS and our own secure PTT over Cellular network, while the The 5288 model adds wider UHF range (400-520MHz) and is also capable of GPS (which allows dispatch location tracking).

  • Private Calls
  • Group Calls
  • GPS Tracking
  • Unlimited Range
Download Brochure

Contact the NCC Vice-President for purchase information or download the order form now.

Mid-Atlantic REACT

Our effectiveness as an emergency communications organization depends on the knowledge, skills, and ability of our members to support the agencies and organizations with which we have memorandums of understanding and agreement when we are called to do so. Operating in the full range from simple emergencies to major emergencies to disasters requires that our members be able to communicate in a variety of ways using current national standard procedures, be able to interface with other communications systems, and be organized in ways that plug into organizations structured according to national standards.

Our Trusted Technologies

We couldn't do what we do without these valued technologies.
We work with trusted communications companies to support our mission.


Important Links

Emergency Communications are supported by many different agencies.
We have listed several links below that would be of interest to the community and our members.
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