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National Capitol Communications, LLC

At National Capitol Communications, we differ ourselves from other communications hobbyists.

Our cadre is comprised of Land Mobile Radio (LMR) professionals that have been focused on communications as their professional careers. Our NCC members have years of trunked radio experience and interoperablity expertise. This translates into reliable two-way communication and educated problem-solving using professional theory, commercial grade equipment and subject matter expertise second to none.

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Who Is NCC

d.b.a. Mid-Atlantic REACT

REACT is a non-profit registered 501(c)(3) organization of volunteers, providing a wide range of radio related services to the public since 1962.

Our Mid-Atlantic REACT Team is a group of committed professionals with a desire to assist our communities in times of emergency or disaster. Team members provide expertise when disasters strike. REACT assists by augmenting local resources with the goal of accelerating relief efforts. You can trust our Team of Skilled Communication Volunteers during any emergency situation.

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Mid-Atlantic REACT, Team #6282, is a chartered member of REACT International. Mid-Atlantic REACT is sponsored by National Capitol Communications, LLC and is supported by charitable donations. Our team is comprised of emergency and land mobile radio (LMR) professionals who focus on communications as their professional careers. Below you will find all of our downloadable documentation. From IRS and Corporation related documentation to Memorandums of Understanding with other organizations, click on any link for access.


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