Leadership Team

National Capitol Communications and REACT International members are the most important assets in our portfolio. Whether you are only a member of NCC, or you add a REACT membership to your participation in our organization, without our members we cannot provide the critical services that support our communities. Our corporate officers, directors and founding members are highlighted below.

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The volunteer radio communications engineers who make up NCC are specialists in Motorola, Harris, EF Johnson, Vertex, and Kenwood along with common and proprietary protocols.

We are currently seeking volunteers with tower climbing certifications.
If you are interested in NCC or REACT and you have OSHA approved climbing course work completed, please visit our Membership page.

Repeater Network

National Capitol Communications and Mid-Atlantic REACT have established relationships with local and regional repeater owners.
Some of these local and regional repeater owners are members of our organization and own repeaters dedicated to our team(s).
We also utilize private networks including ZelloWork and Global-PTT, for mission critical push to talk over cellular.

The list below shows local GMRS repeaters that are owned or operated by our members.

Frequency Name
462.5500 Seven Corners
462.5750 Clarendon
462.6000 Alexandria
462.6250 Wheaton
462.6500 Bull Run Mtn
462.6750 Seven Corners
462.7000 Dulles
462.7000 Washington
462.7250 (Events Site)
462.5500 (Portable Site)

No repeaters that belong to anyone else are listed here.  MyGMRS.com is a good resource for local repeater lists.



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