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We have several levels of membership requirements which directly correspond to the different roles and activities which members may participate in. For example, NCC only members utilize, engineer, build, maintain and operate our elaborate repeater infrastructure and REACT members have additional requirements that are necessary to support communities, non-government organizations, government and public safety agencies. Our application process is relatively straightforward. You will be asked to fill out a form detailing your contact information, radio communication capabilities you currently have, and how much time you can devote to the organization(s). Once the leadership reaches out to you, we next vote to you onto our team or teams. Once you are a team member you will be issued a unit number. Additional forms and dues are required for REACT International. However, while awaiting REACT International approval, you are welcome to join NCC for any activities we may be involved in. We encourage participation in routine team operations, but you don't need to attend every function. The benefit of regular participation is that we all become accustomed to working with each other. However, it is most important that our volunteers be available to serve during times of real emergencies. In addition to these two membership levels, certain activities may require additional credentialed trainings.


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Member benefits include individual and team training, giving back to the community, feeling a sense of accomplishment, gaining real world experience, connecting with like minded people, volunteering on a flexible schedule, group liability insurance, our logo merchandise, access to REACT International newsletters and more.


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