TEAM #6282

National Capitol Communications, LLC

d.b.a. Mid-Atlantic REACT

REACT is an organization of volunteers, with a rich history of providing safety and communications related services to the public since 1962.  Our Mid-Atlantic REACT Team is a network of committed professionals with a desire to assist their communities in times of emergency or disaster.  Our members provide their professional radio communications expertise when disasters strike.

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What We Do

Mid-Atlantic REACT

Team #6282 is a non-profit organization that plays a crucial role in public service communications.

Since 1962, REACT has been diligently monitoring radio frequencies. REACT volunteers provide a wide range of radio-related services to the public. In times of emergency or disaster, REACT professionals step up to assist their communities. REACT teams use their radio communications to provide services such as parking control, search and rescue support, and work closely with local emergency management offices and law enforcement to provide assistance during large public events.

If you are interested in helping your community through public service radio communications, consider joining REACT or supporting our cause through donations.


Emergency Responses

5+ Million

Civilians Served


Trained Volunteers


Comms Support

Our Capabilities

National Capitol Communications offers a wide range of emergency communications services to the Washington DC Metro area. Our team of experts provides communications solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of our communities. NCC utilizes a group of GMRS repeaters that cover the entire metro DC area. Our repeater network has sufficient coverage in any type of crisis that could arise. NCC's current available assets include UAVs and manned aircraft equipped with repeater capabilities, which can provide close air-to-ground communications. We have several transportable, cross-band and tactical repeaters that can be deployed anywhere and anytime.

Professional Radio

Our team members have the option to purchase professional radios at special pricing. While not required, we recommend a specific radio that works on both GMRS and our own secure Push To Talk over Cellular (PTToC) network. Any radios that operate on our world wide PTToC network and are GPS enabled, dispatch location tracking is possible.

  • Private Calls
  • Group Calls
  • GPS Tracking
  • Unlimited Range
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Available Training

REACT International training is required to be completed by all REACT Members within the first year of membership.
As a Member of NCC you will have access to all of these training opportunities shown below.

  • REACT Training Curriculum

  • FEMA All Hazards

  • NOAA Weather Spotter

  • ETA Member Courses

  • Emergency Comms

  • WMD / Terrorism

  • Motorola Learning Portal

  • Tait Radio Academy


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